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Review Date: 04/18/2018 | Author: Tim I.

Comments: Steve was extremely helpful, and provided excellent service and advice, removing mold from my attic. Workmen were experienced, on time, and respectful of my home. Surprise: he took before & after video, so that I could see the work done. Great value. Great people.

Review Date: 10/27/2017 | Author: Cherise C.

Comments: I did this testing with the permission of the seller of a house I'm interested in purchasing. Steve was very professional and patient in his explanations. The report received after the testing was extremely comprehensive and informative. It gave me everything I needed to make an informed decision regarding my next steps with purchasing the home and gave both me and the seller documented information from an unbiased third party regarding areas of concern. With all of the scams out there in mold assessments and remediation, it's nice to know there is a company that truly knows what they're talking about and stands behind they're services. This one is the real deal!

Review Date: 05/31/2016 | Author: Karen R.

Comments: Workers were polite and prompt and did a great job.

Review Date: 11/01/2015 | Author: Phenne B.

Comments: Steve was up front and honest about the scope of the project and how much time it would take. He answered all our questions, and provided a very detailed estimate for our project. He was kind and professional, and always returned phone calls and messages. We were very pleased that he was able to eliminate our mold problem. I highly recommend this company.

Review Date: 07/20/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Steve was wonderful. He explained everything & I was very pleased with the work. I definitely recommend Green Clean Restoration.

Review Date: 06/15/2015 | Author: Michael P.

Comments: Steve and his crew were prompt, professional and efficient with every aspect of the project. From Testing to removal, a job well done.

Review Date: 11/22/2014 | Author: Pat J.

Comments: Steve was very prompt. Gave an estimate that covered everything I felt was needed, (unlike the est that came from another vendor, that one was very low, but offered NO warranty of any kind, and very obviously, covered only half the work that was needed). Steve's estimate was fair, and approximately half of what our first est was, (that vendor tried to scare us into thinking we had to sign right now, or we'd lose our spot in line to get rid of our mold!!!). Steve was able to line up someone to remove our old insulation, and then re- insulate the attic after all work was done. Overall, Green Clean made this entire mess of a process as painless as was possible.

Review Date: 11/07/2014 | Author: Valerie L.

Comments: They were prompt and professional, and did what I expected them to do. The mold is cleaned up and everything smells good again. However, my one complaint would be the residue that is left behind from whatever product it is that they use. Everything in the basement is covered with a kind of gritty white substance that I had assumed they would clean up afterward. We will have to go after them and clean all the exterior of the ductwork, floor, etc to remove all this residue, so that we can then paint the walls and floor. A bit of a disappointment. But, the more important part, getting rid of the mold, seems to have been done well.

Review Date: 10/08/2014 | Author: Mike D.

Comments: terrific job. thanks

Review Date: 07/03/2014 | Author: Jean C.

Comments: Excellent work. Good, professional man. He came to look at the work to be done, gave me a price, and then returned to do the work. Job well done.

Review Date: 05/07/2014 | Author: Lisa M.

Comments: Quick response. Great communication. Flexible scheduling.Took care of the problem the next day. Used solution safe for humans and pets. Took care of disposal and cleanup. I highly recommend using this service. 5 stars!!!!!

Review Date: 04/03/2014 | Author: L m M.

Comments: I received another, less expensive bid from a competing company, but Green Clean Restoration matched it. Customer service was wonderful!

Review Date: 02/15/2014 | Author: James T.

Comments: Efficient affordable and prompt I would recommend this company to anyone

Review Date: 11/05/2018 | Author: Linda S.

Comments: They do very good work but you have to be careful to make sure that the provider follows through with providing you with the paperwork that he said he would provide to completion.